Electrical items and PAT

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Donating Electrical Itemsjohn-pat-test-2

Picture this; you’ve just had a clear out and found a number of electrical (and other items) that you no longer use or need. Being conscious of the fact that donating to charity is a great way to give back and that ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure,’ you decide to take your hoard to the charity shop, only to be told ‘we don’t accept electrical items.’

What do you do next…leave frustrated? If this has been the case, this is where we step in to let you know why some charity shops don’t accept electrical items and others do (including us.)

What is PAT?

PAT is short for Portable Appliance Tests. As sellers of second-hand items john-pat-test-3we are responsible for ensuring that electrical goods meet legal safety requirements. To do this we PAT all donated electrical items, so that our customers don’t get any nasty shocks once they leave our stores.

The majority of PAT’s carried out across CT Furniture stores are completed by our volunteers, who dedicate their time to ensure your items are safe.

We are very lucky to have individuals who are willing to volunteer to carry out PATs, however a number of other charities are not, which is why you may find some charities that do not take or resell electrical items.

John is a volunteer who has been carrying out PAT’s at our Birmingham branch for just over 2 years ‘I was trained by CT Furniture to carry out PAT and I work to ensure that items are safe for customers to take john-pat-test-1home. All we ask is that individuals who are donating electrical items ensure they are in working order, otherwise we are unable to accept electrical items that are in need of repair.

So there you have it. If you would like to donate electrical items visit Your Local Store.

Don’t forget to tell your friends too.